Luen Fat Paper Products Limited was estabished in 2004, our head quarter is located in Hong Kong and owns a factory in Long Hua Shenzhen. We provides corrugated paper products and other related corrugated paper products. With rich experience in the market, we have developed core competencies in terms of product quality and innovation. With packing testing center at our factory, we can ensure the paper and box quality of the box by doing Bursting Strength / Edge Crush Test (ECT) / Box Compression Test (BCT) tests, which ensure our paper products are in high quality.

Our Company's primary business philosophy is one which emphasizes on offering the highest quality paper products and providing excellent customer service. We dedicate ourselves to continuous process improvement to position ourselves a premium paper products manufacturer in the industry.

Certification Acquired
-  July 2007                 ISO9001
-  September 2007       Green Partner Certificate from Sony
-  July 2010                 ISO14000

  ISO9001 - July 2007   Green Partner Certificate from Sony
- September 2007
  ISO14000 - July 2010